Lettuce Prizehead

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Heirloom Prizehead has a history dating back to the 1880’s: you just know that this is a lettuce worthy of a space in your garden.  It has delicious crinkled light green leaves that are flecked and tipped with red-bronze shades. With speedy growth you won’t be waiting long to enjoy it for yourself.   Price for 75 seeds


SOW: starting lettuces off in trays or modules allows you to transplant rather than thin.  Sow a little seed every 2-3 weeks for a succession of lettuces from March to September. Seed depth 10mm but they are not that fussy if a little deeper or shallower!  In the summer sow later in the afternoon as lettuce germination can be erratic in hot weather.


GROW: for a larger size lettuce plant 20-25cm apart, ready in 7 weeks.  You can also grow Prizehead as a cut-and-come-again in a short row, close spaced and cut when about 10cm high.  Each plant will usually resprout to give 2 cuts.  Grown like this the first cut can be taken about 4-5 weeks after sowing. 


EAT: delicious & beautiful.  Mix with other leaves for unique home-grown salads.


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