Lettuce Maravilla De Verano (batavian)

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Maravilla de Verano is a superb large Italian heritage variety. The crispy green leaves have a red tinge. Looks great and tastes even better. It is resistant to bolting and has a long season, sow from February through to early September for harvesting from May to November. Price for 75 seeds


Batavian lettuce

Batavian lettuce has more crinkled leaves and a wavy leaf margin than other types, they are typically sweet and crisp, with various varieties have different colourations – Maravilla de Verano is a green type with red tinges.


This lettuce type will germinate in warmer temperatures allowing for sowing into the UK summer, and they slow to bolt which gives you a wider harvest window.


Batavian lettuce are the precursor of the well-known modern Iceberg lettuce, indeed Maravilla is a heritage variety with records going back over many years: this is a variety that has stood the test of time, reliable and flavourful.

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