Lettuce Great Lakes (iceberg type)

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Wonderful large green heads of crunchy leaves, make this a crisp and tender heirloom lettuce.  Cut about 12 weeks from sowing, indeed with regular sowing Great Lakes will grow happily throughout the summer months: being both cold tolerant and slow to bolt its perfect for our changeable UK climate! Price for 75 seeds

SOW: a little seed every 2-3 weeks in spring and summer to give you a succession of lettuces.  You can start them in modules and transplant so that there is no need to thin but avoid sowing in very warm weather. 

GROW:  plant out when large enough to do so at about 30-35cm apart, harvest through the summer and autumn.  Great Lakes is well adapted to adverse hot or cold conditions.  Watch out for slugs and snails – they love lettuces!

EAT: fresh in salad – enjoy the flavour on its own or try mixing with a range of other leaves such as Chicory, Chinese Cabbage and Namenia. 

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