Lettuce Fortaleza

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This particular cos, Fortaleza, features a crisp firm heart and tightly bunched bright green leaves.  These are lightly bubbled which seems to help salad dressings stay on board!  And individual leaves can be filled with ingredients to make edible servers.  All in all a perfect crunch combined with flavour for all your salad creations     Price for 75 seeds


SOW: a little seed 15mm deep every 2-3 weeks from mid-March through to July and again in September to enjoy a succession of lettuces.   You can start them in modules and transplant so that there is no need to thin. Avoid sowing lettuces in very warm weather which can halt germination. 


GROW: plant out when large enough to do so - for full hearts set out at about 30-35cm apart. You can plant them closer and then harvest some while small allowing the rest to grow into the extra spaces that you create.    Watch out for slugs and snails – they love lettuces! In the summer they will be happiest in a part shaded spot.


EAT: perfect for salad, salad and more salad… why not add fresh chopped herbs such as lemon balm, garlic chives or oregano and dress simply with balsamic vinegar and a little lemon or lime juice.    

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