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This really is a bountiful blend for those who like their salads mixed or simply can’t decide between all the other lettuces on offer!  Filled with a delicious mix of butterhead, cos, crisp and loose leaf types to give you a spread of varieties and textures in one go, a living tapestry!  They all have very similar growing speeds so you can crop them as cut-&-come-again or thinly scatter in a container and enjoy a mixed picking of heads after 10-12 weeks.  This is a larger packet to give you more options for sowing and growing                 Price for 150 seeds


SOW: choices, choices!

You can sow these thinly in rows at about 15mm deep and 30cm apart for a mixed row – this is good choice for picking at heading stage with a mixture in each row.  Sow a row at a time 7-14 days apart for a steady supply.


In a container you can broadcast your seeds then lightly cover to grow your own living mixed salad – cut regularly for baby sized leaves and they will resprout 3 or more times.  If you sow a container every few days you will enjoy a steady supply.  This is ideal for pots on a patio where you can move the cut ones to the back and bring forwards the next batch.  Also you can sow the size container that suits you – from a single potion size up to a family tub!


Why not try sowing a pinch in a small pot every day – as they grow you can pop them in around your garden where ever there is some room and look forward to a daily crop of random lettuces (you will need to remember where you put them or go on a lettuce hunt each day!


Although lettuces have a tendency to grow ‘leggy’ on a windowsill you can grow your ‘pinch-in-a-pot’ on a window sill and cut them while young before planting them out to resprout.  


Best sown from February to July and again in the autumn with protection


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