Leaf Beet Magenta Sunset

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LEAF BEET MAGENTA SUNSET ~ enjoy stunning salads in the summer, add colour in the autumn and winter too. 40 seeds SOW & GROW: for salad use sow from spring to late summer every few weeks outdoors for salad leaves, cut and leave stumps to resprout. For salad leaves during the winter and spring you will need to sow in the early autumn and early spring under cover. SOW & GROW: for individual plants sow during July and August, starting in pots and transplant at 30-35cm apart. These plants will give you autumn & winter cropping. An easy crop, it does not mind a bit of neglect! EAT: you can cook the leaves like spinach or cabbage. The stems can be cooked like rhubarb or try steaming and serve with butter as a starter like asparagus tips

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