Komatsuna Malachai F1

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The tasty & fabulously glossy dark green leaves are a real feature on this variety which grows from the inside forming a loose rosette like leaf form on medium length upright stems.  It makes a good baby leaf choice although we grow some of ours a little bigger to shred in our salads.  Not widely available.                                                

SOW: from April (with protection) in modules through to June/July.  Sowings made in August and September will need to grow with the protection of cloches as the weather cools down.

GROW: transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage and space at 10-15cm for small plants,   Malachai can be harvested as a baby leaf (leave a short length of stem to resprout).  Allow them to grow a little bigger and they then form a loose rosette like leaf arrangement.. 

EAT: we shred most of ours for use in mixed salad and like it as a side to tomato based dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese.  It can be lightly steamed and serve with a drizzle of lemon or balsamic vinegar.

Price for 40 seeds. 

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