Kohl Rabi Ballot F1

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KOHL RABI BALLOT F1 ~ juicy, sweet and crunchy. This is a delightful variety with white flesh hidden under the mauve skin 20 seeds SOW: Although kohl rabi can be sown throughout the spring and summer Ballot prefers cooler growing conditions and does particularly well sown from late February to the end of May and again in July and August. Direct sowing is best. GROW: Space at 10-20cm, we find Ballot to be a trouble free crop as they are drought tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. EAT: For the best flavour eat them fresh. Cook the bulb, boil or steam, and serve with a sauce or try them stuffed. Kohl Rabi can also be grated raw into a salad. Kohl Rabi bulbs can be scrubbed and roasted whole or cut them into chunks to go in stews.

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