Kale Winterbor F1

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KALE WINTERBOR F1 ~ this AGM winner has finely curled blue-green leaves held on tall productive plants, food flavour 12 seeds SOW & GROW: late April to early June, in modules/pots or a seed bed. Transplant when large enough and space them at 50cm apart. Keep watered in dry weather. EAT: Winterbor comes into its own from November onwards when you can start cutting leaves for cooking. Cut leaves from several plants each time, this will encourage Winterbor to resprout vigorously. From February harvest the side-shoots at 10-12cm. Your kale crop will finish when flowers buds form. Although traditionally served with egg and fish dishes. Kale can also be used in salad, soup, stew and stir fry or be served as a side veg. Kale is at its best when eaten picked fresh from the garden.

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