Kale Siberian

Kale Siberian

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KALE SIBERIAN ~ super hardy winter survivor to -10 (lower with snow cover), leaves are blue-green, white stemmed and ruffle edged 12 seeds SOW: in mid to late spring, starting in modules, pots or a seed bed. GROW: harden off and transplant in early/mid summer spacing plants at about 50cm apart, water well to establish. Harvest mature leaves from autumn onwards. Regular harvesting encourages young growth over a longer period. EAT: tender young leaves for salad use. Cook mature leaves by steaming, boiling or braising or add to soup, stew or stir fry. In late winter/early spring harvest the sideshoots at 10-12cm. In mid to late spring the spears can be harvested for use like sprouting broccoli.

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