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Heirloom Premier has a boastful name that it lives up to.  It is a vigorous grower that will produce an abundant yield of lovely flavoured scalloped green leaves, smooth and tender, that do very well overwintered for a spring crop.  For a winter crop sow in late summer whilst a spring sowing is perfect timing for salads.                 Price for 12 seeds


SOW: July to September, 10mm deep into modules, pots or a seed bed.  Transplant to growing position when large enough & spacing at 40-50cm apart.  Sow in April/May for salad leaves in the summer


GROW: salad leaves can be picked after about 6-7 weeks of growing.  Cut overwintered plants from early spring.  Regular harvesting encourages more young growth to sprout at the top of the plant over a longer period.  Side-shoots can be harvested at 10-12cm.  When the flowers buds form simply compost plants and grow something else!


EAT: smooth and tender scalloped leaves, in the winter and spring can be steamed or stir fried or used in soups and casseroles.  Delicious in summer salads too.

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