Perilla, Bicoloured

Perilla, Bicoloured

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BICOLOUR PERILLA ~ leaves are green on top and ruby red underneath! This variety has slightly larger leaves and a minty-basil scent. Please be aware that you may get a few single colour plants amongst your bicolour ones. 50 seeds SOW & GROW: Chill seeds in the fridge for at least a week or soak them overnight before sowing between May & July in modules or trays. Only just cover seeds as they need light to germinate. Plant out after all frost risk is over. Close space for young leaf use or 25-30cm for larger plants. Perilla prefers a moisture retentive spot with sun or a well watered container. Harvest leaves until the frost finally kills it in late autumn. With protection it will last into the winter. EAT: young leaves and seedlings in salads, the flower shoots can be cooked and the seeds can be used as a garnish. You can add Perilla to soup, use in sushi & add to pickles.

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