Calendula Art Shades Mixed

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Calendula Art Shades – this delightful mixture of bright colours in varying shades of yellow and orange makes for a bold border edge by your veg beds or in the greenhouse.  The flowers are both edible and attract beneficial insects and will help keep a natural balance in your plot. 

Height 45-60cm


Price for 40 seeds

SOW: in March or April either where they are to flower or in modules for transplanting. Germination takes around 2 weeks.

GROW: space plants about 20cm apart.  This easy annual is ideal for children to grow.  They are an excellent choice as a border plant in the greenhouse or in your plot as they are considered to repel pests.

ENJOY: the bright flowers will add colour to your garden, attract beneficial insects and with the added bonus that it has culinary value too. Dead head to prolong flowering.    

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