Aster Duchess Mixed

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Duchess Mix – this later flowering variety will give you a range of soft & bold colours, they are a superb choice for cutting.  The flower heads are characterised by their incurved petals – chrysanthemum like in form.  Flowering mid-August to September. 

Grows to 60cm tall


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: during March to April in pots or modules of seed compost, cover with perlite or vermiculite.  Seal in a plastic bag and keep at about 18°C.  Germination takes 1-2 weeks

GROW:  harden off and plant out.  Space plants about 40-50cm apart.  They like to be in full sun.  These are sturdy stemmed: however in a very windy situation it would be wise to stake them.

ENJOY: fabulous cut flowers for an early autumn display

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