Aquilegia McKanas Giant Mixed

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McKanas Giant Mixed – a cottage garden favourite this variety provide plenty of large blooms (between 4-7cm wide) in many colour combinations.  A favourite for bees and other pollinators too.  Although they may look delicate, they are ideal for cutting. 

Height to 75-90cm.  


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: in April or May, into pots or modules of seed compost and cover with perlite or vermiculite and then place them outdoors.  Germination takes 2-4 weeks but it can take longer.  You can sow these in the autumn, leaving them outdoors to germinate the following spring (they can flower in the first season but may well wait to settle until the following year).

GROW:  space plants at about 30cm apart.  They are happy in sun or part shade.

ENJOY: the large flowers, between 4-7cm wide, that bloom in many shades:  perfect cut flower or leave for the bees, pollinators and your self to enjoy in your garden.

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