Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk

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Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk a specially selected form of Lady’s Mantle, the name this is often known by. In the garden it is renowned for the eye-catching pearling of water droplets on the large pale green (chartreuse) leaves. These leaves, & the flowers held above, are long lasting when cut and provide an excellent foil for bolder blooms. Irish Silk is a particularly florific cultivar

Height to 45cm


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: easy from seed, the seedlings are easy to identify as they have the same lobed leaves as mature plants.  Start them in seed trays in the spring

GROW:  harden off & plant out after frosts have finished.  They’re a very good front of border or path edging plant.  The leaves are good in combination with dark leaved plants (think purple veggies) or fine leaved plants (i.e. fennel).  Plants can take 2 years before flowering.  Divide clumps in spring.

ENJOY: the leaves and flowers are long lasting when cut and provide an excellent foil to more dramatic blooms.  Then there are the times after rain showers when the leaves have caught rain drops and they sparkle in the sunshine - perfection

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