Antirrhinum Magic Carpet

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Magic Carpet is an unusual very dwarf variety, an excellent colour mix, everything you would wish for from a Antirrhinum just at a small scale!. Ideal for edging, containers and cutting. Blooms from July to September

Height to 10cm

Half hardy Annual (in mild areas may grow as a Perennial)

Price for 150 seeds

SOW: in spring in pots or modules of seed compost.  Cover with perlite or vermiculite and seal in a plastic bag.  They take 1-2 weeks to germinate at 18°C.  Uncover once they have germinated.  Alternatively sow in a prepared seed bed in May once the temperature is not expected to drop much below 10°C, in the open germination will take 2-3 weeks.

GROW:  harden off & plant out after all risk of frost has passed: space at about 7-10cm apart.  They like to be in a sunny spot with well-drained soil.  In a mild area these may grow as a perennial.

ENJOY: mixed colours for a low display. If you are growing veggies or herbs in raised beds then these make a colourful edging.  They are a just right for cutting as a posy

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