Larkspur Frosted Skies

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Elegant spires with delicate white flowers edged with china blueA beautiful plant for the border, blooms last well when cut for up to 10 days.  These can also be dried.  Flowering June to early September, height to 100cm.  Price for 100 seeds


For cut flowers you can sow direct in Spring, or sow late Aug to start Sept for an overwintered crop. Seed germinates in 3-4 weeks, taking around 5 months sowing to flowering.  Autumn sown plants will flower earlier the following year.


SOWING IN SEED TRAYS: to help germination in spring you can use small seed trays and surface sow than lightly cover with Vermiculite.  Place the seed tray in a polythene bag and pop in the fridge for 3 weeks then place them in a warm spot out of direct sunlight to germinate (15-18°C).  Transplant seedlings and pot on as needed until you can harden them off to plant out in May.  In the autumn (Sept-Dec) you pop the seed trays without bags somewhere dry and frost free (garage or shed).  In the spring when you see green shoots appearing, water and keep in a bright frost-free place until danger of frost has passed, harden off and plant out.

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