Cornflower Classic Romantic

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Cornflower Classic Romantic perfection in every bloom with shades of pink to rose red edged and speckled with white to highlight their beauty.  A classic cottage garden plant in classic colours that will bring a breath of fresh air to your garden and home. 

Height 90-100cm 


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: where they are to flower (in situ) during March and April depending on the weather and your location – ideally when the night-time temperature will not fall much below 10°C.  Can also be sown August/September for slightly earlier flowers the following year. Germination takes about 2 weeks or so.

GROW:  these flowers may need staking or growing through a frame if your garden catches the wind.

ENJOY: delicious colours to fall in love with: these classic cottage garden flowers work just as well in modern garden designs

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