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When they flower just keep picking for more and more blooms.  For the longest season sow some seeds in the autumn and some in the spring so that your plants are ready to bloom at different times – you last plants may even have flowers that last to early next October!  Choose to sow these as individual colours or mix them together for colourful bouquet of fragrance.  This collection contains one packet each of...

Beaujolais ~ plentiful blooms in deep purple, burgundy-maroon shades.  Height 150-250cm

Flagship ~ beautifully scented deep blue Spencer type.  The best fragrance for this colour.  Height to 180cm  

Gwendoline ~ dramatic cerise-pink edged petals that ebb to white centres: stunning and highly scented Height 180 to 200cm.

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Sweet Pea Beaujolais
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Sweet Pea Flagship
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Sweet Pea Gwendoline
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