Florence Fennel Zefa Fino

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This is an open pollinated variety that is resistant to bolting from earlier sowing in March, otherwise sow in April to May for harvesting during summer/autumn. It has a lovely flavour. Price for 25 seeds

SOW & GROW: bolt resistant Zefa Fino can be sown from mid-March to May to harvest summer/autumn.  Start seeds in modules for easy planting out without disturbing roots.  Plant out at 4/5 leaf stage and watch out for slugs.  Keep watered (they like moist rich soil) and mulch if possible.  It is traditional but not essential to earth up when the bulb starts to swell.  Cut at least 2.5cm above ground & leave roots to resprout – these small shoots are delicious in salads.  In autumn protect with cloches to prolong the season.

EAT:  remove the outer leaves then steam, grill or boil.  Try serving with just butter or sauté with peas and red peppers.  It can be used as a mini vegetable if harvested early; the leaves are delicious in salads.

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