Florence Fennel Orazio F1

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This is the variety to choose for a plumper round bulb that forms quite quickly giving you a bigger yield than from the open pollinated varieties.  Crisp with a good distinctive anise flavour.  Bolt resistant & best for late summer and autumn harvesting.   Price for 25 seeds.

SOW & GROW: from mid-May to early August for cropping from august to early November.   Starting seeds 1cm deep in modules makes it easier to plant out without disturbing roots when they reach 4/5 leaf stage.  Your crop will like moist rich soil and mulch if possible.  Orazio does not need earthing up. You can harvest as a mini veg after about 7 weeks allow 12 weeks for them to reach their optimum.   Cut at least 2.5cm above ground and leave roots to resprout – these small tasty shoots (and leaves) are delicious in salads but will need cloches as the weather cools. 

EAT:  remove the outer leaves then steam, grill or roast.  Try serving with just butter or sauté with peas and red peppers: delicious.


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