Endive Panaclieri naturally nurtured seed

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This frizzy variety is mainly for Summer and Autumn use and can be sown from March onwards. With rose tinted mid-rib, this self blanching cultivar can even be harvested into early winter with protection from an August/September sowing. All this makes Panaclieri very versatile. Price for 40 seeds

SOW: best sown from March onwards for summer and autumn use.  Protect sowings made in August/September for use from early winter.  Sow all year round for cut and come again use.  Germination can be erratic in hot weather.

GROW:   space single plants 20-35cm apart.  Cut heads and leave to resprout (less likely to do this if blanched).  Keep watered.  Self-blanching varieties naturally produce a creamy centre to the plant without needing to be covered.

EAT: most often used raw in salads but endive can also be cooked – try braising it.

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