Endive Blond Full Heart naturally nurtured seed

Endive Blond Full Heart naturally nurtured seed

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ENDIVE BLOND FULL HEART ~ large heads of green with a centre of paler lemony-green, nice colour and great flavour                                                      40 seeds  


SOW & GROW: best sown from March onwards for summer and autumn use.  Protect sowings made in August & September for use from early winter.  Sow all year round for cut and come again use.  Germination can be erratic in hot weather.  Space single plants 20-35cm apart.  Cut heads & leave to resprout.  Keep watered.  Self-blanching varieties naturally produce a paler centre to the plant without needing to be covered.


EAT: we like this in a salad with either a sweet chilli dressing or a honey based one that contrasts and balances the fresh tart edge that endive can have

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