Cucumber Suyo Long naturally nurtured seed

Cucumber Suyo Long naturally nurtured seed

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Amazing, mild, sweet, burpless, crisp and tasty and can reach 45cm in length!  This heirloom hails from northern China and could give you a bumper crop.  Grow on a trellis for straight fruits or allow to scramble and enjoy curly cukes.  Highly recommended.                                    

Price for 4 seeds. 



SOW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep warm and moist (not soggy). 


GROW: to plant outside, harden off once they have 2/3 leaves; they prefer a sunny and sheltered site and you may need to protect them from wind while they settle in.  Train up a cane wigwam for straighter fruit or allow to scramble around and enjoy curly cucumbers.   Plants will be more vigorous growing in a greenhouse.  Suyo Long likes daily watering at the roots.


EAT: they may be long at full size (you can pick them earlier) but they remain an awesome cucumber for salads and sandwiches.  They have an irregular cross section which makes for attractive slices.

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