Cucumber Passandra F1 naturally nurtured seed

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Passandra F1, a high quality short fruited variety, is a very popular choice. The vigorous plants can give you a large numbers of little 15-17cm fruits of excellent quality This is an all-female variety that could see you harvesting the first of the little cucumbers just 12 weeks from sowing. Price for 4 seeds

SOW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep moist (not waterlogged) and warm. 

GROW:  Passandra should be considered a greenhouse cucumber; it really does need the additional shelter and warmth to do its best.  The fruits are produced on the main stem and so it is easy to train the plants as cordons up a single string or wire – leaving space in your greenhouse for other crops.  Don’t grow all-female cucumber varieties with other types as they will be affected by cross pollination.

EAT: harvest and enjoy from mid-summer to early autumn.

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