Cucumber Mini Munch F1

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Every time we grow Mini Munch we are kept supplied with cucumber throughout August and September and it still produces more fruits until early in November when undercover.  We have even grown this outdoors where it is less productive but still tasty and crops well into September,  so this variety remains our top choice… Yes it’s expensive but so very productive, tasty and easy.  It’s an all-female variety, pick at 8-15cm long and enjoy.  An AGM winner. Price for 4 seeds.

SOW & GROW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep warm and moist (not waterlogged).  Mini Munch does best in the shelter and warmth of a greenhouse (or conservatory).  You should see flowers (then fruit) at almost every leaf node.  Tie in stems to a trellis or canes to keep them off the ground.   Water regularly using a bottle or pot sunk by the plant to keep the stem dry.  Wait until at least 2 fruits have formed before you think about feeding

EAT: you can pick them as small as 8cm just 6-10 weeks from planting. If you don’t finish a whole fruit in one go then pop the cut end in a glass of water and pop in your fridge.

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