Cucumber Hokus naturally nurtured seed

Cucumber Hokus naturally nurtured seed

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Grow your own gorgeous gherkins.  Hokus is vigorous, early to fruit and will give you lots of slender fruits for picking by the time they reach 10cm long (or sooner if you prefer).  You can even grow these outdoors in a sunny sheltered position.                                                                      

Price for 4 seeds. 


SOW: inside in March or April in individual pots, keep moist (not waterlogged) & warm. 


GROW: to plant outside, harden off once they have 2/3 leaves; they need a sunny and sheltered site and you may need to protect them from wind while they settle in.  Mulch if possible, they respond to a mid-season liquid feed too!  Your Hokus plants (& fruiting) will be more vigorous growing in a greenhouse.  You can let them scramble along the ground although it is easier to spot and pick the gherkins if they are trained on canes or a trellis (they hide under the leaves).


EAT: pickle with vinegar, touch of sugar (or stevia based sweetener), garlic & coriander.  Traditional gherkin pickle often contains dill.

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