Cucumber Delistar F1

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Crunchy sweet aromatic flavour, this is beautiful.  They have a very thin, almost translucent skin, you can simply bite through this with no need to peel unless particularly sensitive to cucumbers.  These fruits are mid length (16-18cm) and are a pretty pale green colour.  Outstanding female variety.  Price for 4 seeds.

SOW: inside, February to early May, in individual pots, keep moist & warm at 21°C.  Once they have 3 true leaves pot on, and when about 10cm tall they can be planted 

GROW:  Delistar really does need the additional shelter and warmth of a greenhouse to do its best.  You can train the plants on canes or stings – leaving space in your greenhouse for other crops.  Although Delistar is a female cuc male flowers can appear when stressed & these should be removed immediately: stress is most often caused by watering and temperature changes.

EAT: simply bite through these with no need to peel (unless particularly sensitive to cucumbers) to enjoy these tasty fruits.

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