Cucumber Bush Crop

Cucumber Bush Crop

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Bush Crop is an excellent variety for small gardens. The cucumbers are about 15cm long, the plants are productive while remaining compact and bushy. Happy growing outside.  Price for 4 seeds

SOW & GROW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep moist (not waterlogged) and warm.  If planting outside, harden off once they have 2/3 leaves; they prefer a sunny and sheltered site and you may need to protect them from wind while they settle in.  Bush Crop is productive whilst remaining compact.  It is happy outside and left to get on with growing – it can also be grown in the greenhouse.   Mulch if possible, they respond to a mid-season liquid feed too! 

EAT: harvest and enjoy the fruits at up to 15cm long from mid-summer to early autumn, slightly earlier if grown indoors. 

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