Corn Salad Dutch Broad Leaved

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This will give you rosettes of smooth, spoon-shaped leaves prized as an early spring green. Fairly hardy this variety can be mulched with straw to overwinter in cold areas, or grown in a greenhouse. Sow seeds in late summer and autumn, and again in early spring. Price for 50 seeds

SOW:  in late summer and autumn and again in the spring.   It can be started in modules but it is very successful sown in situ - in a moistened seed drill or covered with moist sacking or fleece until germinated (can be slow in hot weather)

GROW:  generally a trouble free crop.  Protect crops in winter with cloches, mulch with straw or grow in an unheated greenhouse but do keep them well ventilated.  Harvest after about 12 weeks.  You can cut the whole head and leave the plant to resprout (usually only once) or pick individual leaves as you need them – they do wilt so pick as you need them.

EAT: mild flavour, super in salads and a good compliment to winter salad flavours.  The flowers are also edible.

Corn Salad is also known as Lambs Lettuce because it grows wild in the lambing season

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