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I am converted to growing watercress both in tubs and on the window sill. I didn’t think it was possible without a crystal-clear pebbly stream but it is. Your seeds will come with a guide to growing them in the garden (see below) so you can enjoy home grown zingy watercress in salads, sandwiches and soup. Price for apx 500 seeds.

YOUR WATERCRESS GUIDE ~ will help you enjoy a delicious crop whether you choose to grow outside or indoors

For watercress outside (April-September)

Prepare you water garden:  you will need…

•           a large container for water (an old washing up bowl works well)

•           smaller pots that fit inside

•           Some stones for the bottom of the small pots

•           Potting compost to which you will need to add some lime.

•           A sunny position with shade for hot afternoons       


Next: put a layer of stones at the bottom of pots and fill with the compost mix.  Stand them in the container & fill to halfway with fresh water.  No need to submerge the pots; let them stand in water

Planting your seeds:  sprinkle seeds on the surface, when the compost is thoroughly wet, and lightly cover.  You may well find that early in the season covering the container with clear plastic (or a cloche) helps germination.  Remove when germinated and only replace on cold nights until established.

Aftercare: every 2-3 three days you need to drain the water from the container and refill with fresh water.   Do this more frequently in hot weather.  They need to be sitting in water at all times.

Harvest: 8-10 weeks from sowing (sow every month for continuous supplies)

For Watercress inside: all year round

You will need: a dish or tray that fits on your window sill to hold water and a slightly smaller one that fits inside.  Make holes in the bottom of the small one, fill with compost and sit in water until it is saturated. 

Next: Sprinkle seeds on the surface and place it in the larger one (to help keep it damp), seal in a plastic bag and put it on a sunny window sill.  Take the plastic bag off when they have germinated; change the water in the tray every day.

The yummy bit: cut them when they get to 5cm tall.  You can sometimes get a 2nd cut if you leave about 2cm of stem to resprout.                          

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