Courgette Piccolo F1

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Delightful single serving courgettes which are oval and dark green with a paler stripe.  This is a British bred variety: the plants are a well behaved compact bush, both prolific and spine free!         Price for 6 seeds 

SOW: from late April to end of May, under cover or on a window sill, 1 seed per pot.

GROW: keep moist, but not waterlogged, harden off and plant out after all danger of frost has passed.  In cooler areas you can protect young plants with cloches until they have settled in.  Courgettes are trouble free and prolific, keep an eye on them and keep picking!  Piccolo can be picked at tennis ball size or let them grow bigger and stuff them

EAT: these have a sweet flavour: thinly slice & use in place of cucumber in a salad.  They can also be grilled, baked, roasted, stir-fried, curried… or stuffed as a baby marrow

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