Courgette Goldrush naturally nurtured seed

Courgette Goldrush naturally nurtured seed

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This is simply a lovely open pollinated variety with bright yellow fruits.  The taste and texture are tip top and you will have plenty to enjoy through the long fruiting season.                

Price for 6 seeds. 

SOW: 1 seed per pot from late April to end of May, under cover or on a window sill.


GROW: keep moist, but not waterlogged, harden off and plant out after all danger of frost has passed.    In cooler areas you can protect young plants with cloches until they have settled in.  Courgettes are trouble free and prolific - keep an eye on them and keep picking!


EAT: enjoy young fruits as bright slices in salads.  Slice them and pan fry with carrots for a colourful inclusion to tomato based dishes.  Thick slices can be grilled with herbs or spices.    To Freeze – slice or dice, (you can blanch for 1 minute, but we never have) pack into portions and freeze.

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