Courgette Floridor F1

Courgette Floridor F1

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The flavour is top notch and so they do live up to their reputation: vigorous bushy plants, very productive and giving quite uniform, golden yellow, smooth skinned fruits. They look like funky lemons when you pick them with a bit of the green stem acting as a Mohican hair cut! 

These are great for slicing (grill or pan fry) and perfect for stuffing: we use our own recipe but basically it involves lots of onion, some cooked rice, herbs, mince (lamb or beef), some pine nuts if I have any and some cheese to top.  No need to add stock or water as moisture comes from the onions and the courgettes.  We fry off the onions & mince, chuck the other ingredients in (apart from the cheese), give it a stir and stuff it into the courgettes, grate some cheese over the top and pop in the oven.

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