Collard Flash F1

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Flash F1 has smooth broad deep green leaves grow that grow vigorously on this upright plant: making it easy to take repeated cuttings for use as tasty greens. Bolt resistant with a long harvest Price for 20 seeds

SOW: March to May to harvest from June onwards. In mild areas you can also sow in the autumn. Sow the seeds approximately 1cm deep in modules

GROW: When large enough to handle you can transplant, after hardening off, and space them at 30-40cm apart. It is possible to star cutting leaves in less than two months. Flash copes well with summer heat; not needing as much watering as other veg.

EAT: Very young leaves can be added to salads. This nutritious veg can be boiled or steamed, allow plenty of time. They are Ideal for cooking in a stew as they do not disintegrate. Blanche before freezing and then fry straight from frozen

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