Chilli Hungarian Yellow Wax

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Early (10 weeks to the first fruits) and prolific with waxy yellow chillies that ripen to orange-red. These are 12-15cm long and 3cm at the shoulders. Hungarian Yellow Wax are medium hot at 5000-10000 Scoville. They are a really good variety for drying but of course you can also use them fresh or in sauces. Price for 10 seeds

SOW: from mid-April to end of May, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate.

GROW: when they reach the 2/3 leaf stage they can be planted into a greenhouse or hardened off and put outside in a warm sheltered spot.  You can grow them in the soil, in a container or in a grow bag.  Hungarian Yellow Wax is an early variety; it can be as soon as 10 weeks to the first fruits.

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