Chilli Chiang Rai

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Chiang Rai – this Thai variety has a rich fruity-florally flavour and at a medium 5000 Scoville this flavour is enjoyable without reaching for a glass of milk! They ripen faster than other Thai varieties and can bear ripe fruit after just 10 weeks from planting out.  The chillies are long (10-12cm) and slim, easy to slice up and add to your meals!    Price for 10 seeds




  • There are at least 80 different varieties of Thai chillies: many are hot or very hot so Chiang Rai is particularly tasty with a medium heat allowing you to appreciate the flavour! 
  • Thai peppers are typically ground from fresh pods to add heat to curry pastes to add both spiciness and alluring colour to recipes.
  • They are also perfect for garnishing hot and spicy dishes, and cooking them into all manner of foods... get creative!
  • Chiang Rai chillies are named after the most northern city in Thailand
  • They are also known as ‘Big Thai’ Chilli

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