Chicory Varigata Di Castelfranco

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This beautiful chicory has an outstanding flavour. It has red blotched creamy green leaves that will bring colour and zest to your winter salads. You can also boil, bake or braise it for a milder flavour. This versatile variety can be sown early and harvested in the summer, if you sow in July/August you will harvest from the Autumn to early Winter. This variety can also be forced for chicons. Price for 40 seeds

SOW: from late April to June for a summer harvest or July & August for autumn & winter use.  Best started in modules or pots; germination is more erratic when sown in situ.

GROW: space 20-35cm apart.   They like moisture retentive soil and will tolerate light shade. Keep weeded and water in dry weather.  Cut as you would lettuce, if broken off they can resprout smaller heads that can also be harvested.  This variety can also be ‘forced’ to produce chicons,

EAT: shred for delicious green salads right through from late summer to winter.  The colour and flavour will add some zing, or braise small whole heads in butter.  Cooking will give you a milder flavour.


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