Chilli Fresno


Fresno is a versatile choice. Whilst green add them to sauces, dips, casseroles, soups and so on when they add less heat and lots of flavour. Maturing from dark green to red, about 90 days or so from transplanting, they will give you more heat as time goes on. Mature fruits can be dried and ground.  The plants are shorter than many others and upright, the fruits are conical and pungent, reaching 5000 Scoville. AGM winner. Price for 10 seeds 

SOW: from mid-April to end of May, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate.

GROW: when they reach the 2/3 leaf stage they can be planted into a greenhouse or hardened off and put outside in a warm sheltered spot.  You can grow them in the soil in a container or in a grow bag.  Fresno matures from dark green to red about 90 days or so from transplanting. 


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