Chicory Grumola Verde nauturally nurtured seed

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You can enjoy Grumalo Verde in three tasty ways: lovely rosettes can be harvested during the winter and early spring, sow earlier and use the long narrow leaves as a tender salad ingredient or spring sow for baby leaves.  The choice is yours; the superb flavour can be yours too.  Price for 40 seeds.


for winter cropping sow during August to October, the later sowings will form rosettes in late winter and spring (available from November round to March)

For the longer tender salad leaves you need to sow a little earlier during June and July. These salad leaves will crop August to mid-October 

For baby leaves you need to sow in March, April & May for eating in late spring and early summer

Start the seeds in modules or in situ (with protection for early and late sowings), for rosettes you will need to space plants 25cm apart, much closer for baby leaf and somewhere in between for salads!

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