Chicory Brussels Witloof

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This forcing variety produces one of the finest and tastiest winter salads. Sow from May to September to harvest August to December. It needs to be blanched to obtain the characteristic pale yellow, but can be cut young for use without blanching. Price for 40 seeds

SOW & GROW: from May to September, in modules or in situ (protect early and late sowings).  Space 20-35cm apart.   They like moisture retentive soil and will tolerate light shade.  Keep weeded and water in dry weather.

To force this chicory lift the roots in late autumn, trim the leaves to 2.5cm above the root and also trim any wispy sideshoots. Cover the stumps with sand/light soil mix making a ridge over them.  These ridges can be covered with cloches to bring the chicons on.  They should push through in late winter/early spring depending on the weather.  There are other ways of forcing chicory.

EAT: shred for your salad mix or braise small whole heads in butter.  

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