Chinese Cabbage Scarvita F1

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Unique pink and red hearted Chinese cabbage, Scarvita is a stunner.  The sweet flavour and the colour make for an eye-catching mouth-watering combination for your salads and stir fries. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: from June to August: traditionally after the longest day.  You can sow in modules and plant out when young – ideal to grow in succession – you can also sow the seeds directly in the soil.

GROW: space these at 15-20cm apart and water regularly, a little and often, as they are shallow rooted.  They respond to liquid feeds, try seaweed or comfrey, but this is not essential.  These are really fast – hearted and ready to harvest after 7 weeks.

EAT: the sweetness makes these particularly good for salads where the colour will shine, and they will add crispness.  You can also steam lightly or pop into a stir fry.

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