Chinese Cabbage Rubicon F1

Chinese Cabbage Rubicon F1

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CHINESE CABBAGE RUBICON F1 green outer leaves and a creamy-yellow interior all with a sweet, tangy delicious flavour 20 seeds SOW: from March to July: Rubicon is bolt resistant and can be sown in spring, most Chinese cabbages are sown the longest day. You can sow in modules and plant out when young – ideal if sowing successionaly – you can also sow the seeds directly in the soil. GROW: Water a little and often as they are shallow rooted. They like liquid feeds, try seaweed or comfrey, but it isn’t essential. This variety can reach over 25cm tall. EAT: Use in salads, steam lightly or put in a stir fry. Fresh cut Rubicon will store in a fridge for several weeks.

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