Chinese Cabbage Green Rocket F1

Chinese Cabbage Green Rocket F1

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CHINESE CABBAGE GREEN ROCKET F1 ~ with mild flavoured bright green leaves this variety will grow into a tall cylindrical shape 20 seeds SOW: from June to August: traditionally after the longest day. You can sow in modules and plant out when young – ideal if sowing successionaly – you can also sow the seeds directly in the soil. GROW: Water a little and often as they are shallow rooted. They like liquid feeds, try seaweed or comfrey, but it isn’t essential. Cut from autumn to early winter from as little as 10 weeks from sowing EAT: Use in salads, steam lightly or put in a stir fry – boiling does not suit them! This variety will store well in a fridge for several weeks or a cool, frost-free place for 10-12 weeks but do check them regularly.

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