Chinese Cabbage China Express F1

Chinese Cabbage China Express F1

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These sweet & mild, crisp napa cabbages are ideal for salads (shredded) and can be a mainstay of home-grown stir-frying (slice thinkly and they will crisp up).  They grow into attractive, stocky barrel shaped heads of tightly packed leaves.  Allow 9 weeks from transplanting for full size heads. Price for 20 seeds.

Speedy crops such as this maximise the yield you can produce from your garden.  They are perfect to pop in when another crop has finished and you can fit in more than one sowing per season.        

SOW & GROW: in general from June to August: You can sow in modules and plant out when young – ideal to sow in succession – you can also sow the seeds directly in the soil.   In mild areas you can spring sow from March, keeping young plants under cloches. 

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