Celeriac Ibis naturally nurtured seed

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Ibis is fast growing and has very smooth roots compared to other celeriacs. It makes a neater and smaller root than Giant Prague. It stores well and is disease tolerant. This is a good choice for adding variety to winter meals. Price for 100 seeds

SOW & GROW:  from February (with warmth) to April in modules for planting out either after the last frost or growing with protection for early crops.  Be patient as germination can be slow.  Without protection you can plant out in late May or June with the base of the stem just proud.  Keep watered in dry weather and mulch if possible.  It will enjoy a weekly liquid fertiliser!  Remove aging leaves to expose the swelling root.  Harvest from September through into winter.

EAT: scrub the roots thoroughly!  Grate raw for salads.  Dice for winter stews, boil, puree, use in soups or serve sliced with a cheese sauce.  Celeriac chips are superb with strong flavoured meat!  The leaf flavour is strong so use sparingly in salads or for celery seasoning.  Celeriac will freeze well if diced and blanched.


You probably won’t want a whole Celeriac in one go so cut of a chunk.  The remainder of the celeriac can go cut surface down on a plate and into your fridge overnight.  Peel your chunk (or cut off the skin) and then carefully grate.  If you have a food processor that can make julienne strips that works well too.  The grated celeriac can be mixed into your salads whilst the julienne strips can be added to coleslaw or used with dips (as you would with carrot sticks.  Celeriac can discolour after cutting so make these just before you are eating or pop them in some vinegar (lemon juice also works well but can be too sharp for some people).

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