Celery Red Soup


Red Soup has lovely red blush-tinged stems. This ‘soup’ or ‘cutting’ celery can be grown on a window sill to make a lovely baby leaf herb. Just chop and toss into a salad along with some of the immature stems. There is so much more to this variety than soup although it does indeed make a very tasty soup.  Price for 50 seeds.

SOW:  either in spring for summer use or in August/September for winter use

GROW:  start these in seed trays or modules and when large enough to handle harden off and plant out.  For cut-and-come-again use plant close together.  For larger plants space at 25cm apart.  For autumn and winter use plant with the protection of a cloche or in a greenhouse, alternatively grow some in a pot on the window sill and keep it trimmed.

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