Celeriac Prinz

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Ibis is an excellent, top quality variety with a light skin. It is especially resistant to bolting. Being suitable for early production under protection or later growing out in the open makes it a very versatile choice that can harvest from July as an early crop. Don’t miss out, we only have a limited supply. Price for 50 seeds

For an early crop:  you will need to sow in modules in February and plant under cloches and fleece once they are large enough to handle and keep protected until after the last expected frost before gradually acclimatising them to the open. You can look to harvest these from July onwards

For an autumn/winter crop:  start in modules from February (with warmth) to April but grow on until after the last frosts before hardening off and transplanting outside in late May or June with the base of the stem at ground level.  Keep watered in dry weather and mulch if possible.  Your celeriac will enjoy a weekly liquid fertiliser!  Remove aging leaves to expose the swelling root.  Your crop can then be harvested from September through to the end of December


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