Celery Celebrity


Celery Celebrity is an excellent variety that is bolt resistant and holds well which makes it a first-class choice for harvesting over a long period. It is also a self-blanching variety which not only is a fine celery to grow but very tasty too! Price for 50 seeds.

SOW:  early spring in a propagator or mid spring under cover.  Celery needs light to germinate – sow seeds on the surface

GROW: prick out into small pots when large enough to handle.  Plant at 5/6 leaf stage after hardening off after all danger of frost has passed.    This type of celery is shallow rooted and will appreciate regular watering and organic feed. Plant Celebrity in a block at 15cm spacing to help self-blanching

EAT: lovely raw, celery can also be cooked.  Celery that has been frozen is a lovely addition to winter casseroles.

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